Hospitality and genuineness overflow with this pair . Always welcoming, always expecting nothing in return . just full of grace and joy and love and beautiful smiles . this pair united together, relentless love filling their bones, flowing their veins . evident to everyone and inspiring the souls who got to be with them .

And on their wedding day . Quiet whispers throughout the bridal room of what awe and beauty Amy beheld , inside and out . tears and tears and hugs too tight to breathe between Wes & Amy for their first look . gasps of pure awe and sweet adoration when Amy walked down the aisle, tears in the audience matching the tears on Wes’s cheeks . countless smiles and up-going prayers of gratitude, everyone in agreeance that this moment, this ceremony, this covenant, it was graced and blessed and all planned by Him .

Those that were there, they know it well . that the beauty and love beheld on W & A’s day, was seemingly tangible . I’m so excited and honored to share this brilliant wedding .