Moody In-Home Shoot | Edmond, Oklahoma

for a little over a year, I’ve been inviting a group of photographers to come shoot new content with me each month. the group of photographers is never the same - and the style / models are never the same .

I think as a photographer, it’s so important + vital to your creativity + business to consistently keep shooting. It not only gives you consistent new content to showcase in your portfolio, but it helps with skill, knowledge/experience, and entices you to step outside your comfort zone + try new things. I’m always encouraging my mentee’s to just keep shooting - but I also know it’s easier said than done to do so. So that’s why I’ve created this event called Styled Co - a monthly styled shoot for fresh content!

I’ve put together several blog posts I’ll be posting over the next week from a few different Styled Co’s I’ve done in the past year. Forever grateful to my sweet couples who volunteer to model for a group of hungry photographers, my bff makeup artist Chelsey Ann who’s always there to help the girls feel confident, and the photographers who come and get creative + truly make the shoots so freaking fun.

So up first, one of my sweet couples who’s elopement I shot in Iceland a couple years ago. We became good friends and now I’m always and forever excited to shoot them. They’re so real + down to earth, always teasing each other and making each other laugh with the ridiculous things they both say + do.

Grant + Hannah <3