Oh, these two . They're so wonderful .

If you've been following my blog for awhile, then you'll know that this blog post is technically a repeat . But since I've rebranded, I decided to re-edit these photos because they are some of my favorites, and also because it's time to finally blog their wedding! 

This specific post is of Jon + Klara's engagement session . Jon is a friend of ours from Oklahoma, but once he fell in love with a Swedish girl, it wasn't long before he made the move to Sweden to be with her . And soon after, I travelled there to document their engagement! Really, it was just us all hanging out, doing Swedish things like walking everywhere, eating open faced sandwiches for breakfast, having 'Fika' daily, making meals together, and wearing all black (of course). I like the way the swedes do life . It's slow-paced, people are kind + intentional, and seriously have the best style . We explored Klara's hometown of Malmö, Sweden and also made our way 30 minutes west to Copenhagen, Denmark . The whole trip was so dreamy .

So today, their engagements . Tomorrow I'll post their wedding! <3