7 Eleven Anniversary Shoot | Jordan + Madison


Melissa_ Marshall_ 7-Eleven_ Anniversary_ Session_99

what better way to celebrate an extravagant love than with a simple summer night date to the local gas station . an oxymoron at its finest . a representation of young marriage - tight budget, and all about the fun . making out in the aisle, throwing sour straws at each other, just being young, wild, care-free and so madly, wildly in love .


Madison + Jordan, i’d document your love forever .

Oklahoma City Engagement | Chris + Emma

oklahoma city engagement | Chris + Emma


well I'm not surprised these turned out so good (not to toot my own horn), but with Emma, I literally could do no wrong . her + chris are FIRE . i've known her since she was in middle school (& NO, she didn't ever have an awkward phase) and have always loved the little spitfire that she is . always beautiful, stylish, smart, and goes hard after what she wants . including chris . 

i had so much fun running around the coolest parts of okc with them . emma's a little fashion icon blogger babe + had the best variety of outfits for her + chris to wear to match our different locations! so happy i get to be their photographer this year for their engagements + wedding later this summer! it's going to be out of this world beautiful.

so here ya go - keep your pants on - they're bombshells .