My most popular request is ready for you : MM x COLOR PRESETS!
My editing style has changed + evolved quite a bit over the course of my career. But for the past few years, I’ve created (& perfected) a consistent aesthetic, vibe, and overall tone to my photos that help me give my clients a beautiful + consistent gallery.

This is my first color preset pack to release, so I wanted to include multiple presets that can be used on an array of different lighting situations, landscapes, skin tones, and shooting styles.


mm x sunshine

I love the classic vibes this preset gives. The muted highlights + faded shadows remind me of an old school black + white newspaper. This was the first b+w preset I created and used it exclusively for a long time. It's super versatile and works on pretty much any lighting situation. Depending on your shooting style, the only tweak that should be needed is adjusting the exposure.  

mm x overcast

This black + white has some good, honest grit to it. I've added sharpness, grain, deep shadows, and slightly muted highlights. It's super versatile and tends to save the day on poorly exposed images (hey, we're human). I just love the mood this one has.

mm x sunset

This is my most used black + white preset. I've added creamy highlights, shadows, and tinted it to perfection. This preset really sets itself apart as far as black + white's go, giving your clients something unique.

mm x in-home

I created this preset specifically for artificial (faux) lighting and helps me streamline my wedding reception photos. i.e. : flash, ambient, candlelit, sparklers, etc. I've adjusted a killer blend of exposure, contrast, sharpness, and tone curve to handle most any situation - even if you're over/under exposed. 

Lightroom + ACR Presets
for Adobe Camera Files.

4 black + white presets, a Lightroom + ACR Installation Guide, and tips on how to apply + tweak them to fit your needs.

Created by Melissa Marshall.
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