STYLED CO | build your portfolio

Styled Co is a series of monthly photoshoots created for photographers to build your portfolio & maximize your skill. These shoots happen 1x per month and are created for photographers at any level of expertise, from beginner to professional. I've designed Styled Co to be a beneficial tool for you & your ever growing business! It's a great way to keep your content fresh & consistently flowing. When you're consistently shooting, you'll find more confidence to pose & direct your clients comfortably & naturally. Styled Co is a fun & safe environment aimed to inspire your creativity & encourage you to keep growing, keep shooting, & keep your business/passion thriving!




I'm always teaching how important it is to just keep shooting . Keep practicing, keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and keep building your content. You'll see the most growth in yourself and in your clientele when you're consistently shooting your ideal client . 



Practice makes perfect, it's true - but there's no such thing as perfection in photography . There's simply having more experience which creates more talent + more confidence . With each shoot, you'll get more and more comfortable directing, finding new angles, and coming up with new prompts to create the magic you want, ultimately attracting your dream client



It’s not required, but I encourage my repeating attendees to set goals with each shoot. A goal to practice a specific skill or technique that you can work on during that month's shoot.  For example : in February you could focus on creating authentic intimacy in photos. The next month you could practice shooting in direct sunlight or shooting double exposure images. I think it's important to always be learning + growing your craft, so this'll be helpful to do so! 



During each shoot, you'll get to watch me work with the couple(s) first. I'll direct + "pose" them, showing you how I get real + authentic emotions out of my couples. I'll be shouting out to you what my settings are, why I'm doing what I'm doing, etc.

After I instruct/direct the couple, each attendee will have plenty of one on one time with the couple for your own posing, directing, shooting, and playing. 


(NOTE : spots are very limited each month - first come, first serve)


Once per month entry fee : $99
3 sessions membership bundle : $289
6 sessions membership bundle : $560



STYLED CO : GIRLS ONLY is a boudoir styled photoshoot - aimed to help you get more comfortable
shooting boudoir, build your portfolio + expertise with boudoir imagery, and have lots of fun while doing so.
(limited spots available - first come, first serve)


One time entry fee : $150


(NOTE : only 3 spots per option available each month - first come, first serve)


OPtion one : watch me edit + OPen q+A

Stay after the shoot to watch me cull and edit the whole shoot from beginning to end. See the presets I use and how I manipulate them to fit each session and watch how I use cropping to create an emotional, moodier effect. This option includes an open Q+A where you can ask me absolutely anything. From editing, to growing your following, pricing tips, increasing your inquiries, travel tips, or how to stop comparing yourself to others. I'm an open book and love answering questions, so bring them!
This option also includes one free MMX black + white preset. 
(this option is a steal and a work around to my mentor session)


option three : Let me edit for you

Want me to edit your entire session and you get all the credit? Don't worry, it's not as shady as it sounds. Sometimes it's helpful to see how someone else would edit your photos - giving you insight to a new way of seeing what you originally photographed. You can send me up to 100 photos and I'll edit them how I would edit my own - and you can use them however you wish! 


option two : website critique

Come before or stay after the shoot and let me give you a thorough website critique, giving you my expertise in the photography business and looking through your site as a "client", filling you in on what they see. I'll give my honest feedback, showing where you can improve and where you're excelling. I'll give informative tips and demonstrate how to redesign, if you so wish.



combine all three options

The perfect cocktail. A beginning to end, all encompassing, business building day. Come and invest in your business and invest in yourself! 

Again, first come first serve - so apply as soon as you're ready!



(NOTE : locations are subject to change, but will remain in Oklahoma)



OKC / 10:00AM-NOON


LITTLE SAHARA / 4:15-6:15pm

Tuesday, May 21st

Location tbd / 6:30-8:30pm

wednesday, june 12th

Location tbd / 6:30-8:30pm





Want in?

Great! Excited to have you. Fill out the form below! Let me know which options you're interested in, any add-on options you'd like, and any questions you have. 

Not a photographer? Hi! If you're a model/couple or vendor and want to be a part of this fun monthly event, fill out the form below and I'll add you to my list and get back to you soon! xx

Want more 1:1 time? Aren't located in Oklahoma? Maybe a one-on-one mentor session is better suited for you! Click here to see my mentor session options!

Spots filled on first come, first serve basis. 
Payment due in full once approved. No refunds
 (transfers are okay). 
All sessions will take place in Oklahoma.
Find + tag us on Instagram - #MMxSTYLEDCO

Check all that apply. Note : I only accept 3 of each option per month, so your request is not guaranteed. I'll let you know if you secured a spot!
You may choose any number of sessions. If you chose a membership, please choose any 3 or 6 sessions. Additional sessions will be a la carte at $110/ea. NOTE : TBD locations will still be in Oklahoma. * if date is not listed, it's SOLD OUT.
so glad you want to be a part of Styled Co! please let me know how you want to collaborate + your availability in the box below - and if you have any preferences on the type of shoot to work with me on!

FAQ : 

Will you be answering all of our questions during the styled shoots? 
I’m an open book, but during these sessions, I won’t necessarily be available for Q+A. I'll be there helping with camera settings, directing the couple, and anything regarding the couple/shoot. This isn't so much as a mentor session as it is a space for you to come & play/practice. The add-on options are available for you if you'd like more one-on-one time and to ask me all your questions! 

Why are spots limited? 
I want to keep this intimate so there's not a ton of people posting + sharing the same shot as you and vice versa. This will keep your shots more exclusive. 

Can I sell my spot to someone else? 
Yes. You can also let me know you're trying to sell it and I can reach out to the waitlist. 

Is there a waitlist to book a spot? 
Yes. The waitlist will be contacted in the order of inquiries when someone can't make it. 

Does my 3 or 6 session membership have to be consecutive or can I use them whenever I want? 
You can choose any month you'd like that's available. If you leave any blank, you forfeit that spot within your membership. If you need to change your date, just email me!

What does "lightly styled" mean?
Some shoots will have more 'styling' than others. Wedding + Bridal type of sessions will be more styled to fit the setting - i.e. florals, wedding dress, jewelry, etc.
Engagement + Portrait styled sessions will be less styled and just directed how a normal engagement session goes - fully natural.
In-home sessions might include some light styling with furniture/details to fit the vibe. 
Hair + Makeup will be provided when available. 

What kind of couples will we be shooting? 
Each shoot, unless its GIRLS ONLY (boudoir), will involve 1-2 real life couples. They'll be styled either like a portrait/engagement shoot, wedding/bridal shoot, or an in-home shoot. Open to your suggestion if you have other ideas!



Attending Styled Co was one of the best decisions I have made for my business yet. Seeing Melissa work is incredible & creating beautiful images with other photographers is such a cool experience. The investment is 100% worth it, and I plan on telling all my photography friends about how great it is. I learned so much about posing/creating moments with models & how to make the most out of a small space. You won’t regret attending. - Crystal Shaw


Melissa helped take my photography to the next step!! She created and lead an environment that really allowed my creative side to take over! I can’t thank her enough! xoxox - Emily Doss


Styled Co is a dream come true. Melissa is a magician; She's creative and authentic. Styled co was literally like stepping into one of Melissa's unique / magical photos. It stretched me creatively and pushed me in ways I just can't explain. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to attend these! - Gina Nungesser


Melissa is the best mentor I could ask for & her #mmxSTYLEDCO was a game changer. Being new to the photography world & walking into an in home session (my first one ever) with many experienced photographers was very intimidating at first. The other girls were very encouraging & Melissa (as always) got me out of my comfort zone. I couldn't have asked for a better styled shoot to help build my content & learn from some amazing girl bosses. I will for sure be back to many other sessions with Melissa.  - Brittani Mobley


Styled Co was incredible! It pushed me out of my comfort zone, gave me an opportunity to try new things with the way I shoot, and was a rad way to connect with other crazy talented people. I loved the chill environment and how everyone was encouraging each other the whole time. I felt like my creativity was revived and given a major boost, and that was so refreshing! Melissa is so talented and generous with her knowledge, and I'm so thankful she made this happen!! - Payton Wilson


Styled Co was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend attending one if you get the chance! Melissa is a creative genius. She really pushed all of us to think outside of the box and do different things, especially when the models are so killer you can truly focus on creating rather than having to direct a ton. I loved that we got a chance to make our own moments in small groups. Not only was it nice to not have to try and shoot around a bunch of other people, but it allowed us to have diversity and create with the couple based on our personal brand! #mmxSTYLEDCO is so unique and a great way to build a portfolio of clients you want! Can’t wait for more sessions! - Katie Carlson


Melissa is a SAINT for starting this. Like for real. EVERYONE must attend one of these styledco shoots! Seriously so much fun and getting to work along side some of the best in the biz you will leave feeling so inspired + ready to get ittttt. Cannot say enough good about MMXSTYLEDCO! - Brad Searcy


Styled Co was GREAT for my business and meeting other photographers. I had such a great time, and it was super neat seeing Melissa do her work, and how she styled everything! It was so cool working under someone who you look up to! Worth EVERY PENNY. - Kelsey Terry