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Josh and I just got back from an incredible 3 week trip across Switzerland + Italy . I can’t believe we got the opportunity to do such a thing! – life’s crazy + we’re so blessed . I’m excited to share a little travel diary with you guys of the days we spent there . I got a lot of messages from you guys while we were there, asking q’s on where we stayed, what we did, where I got my shoes, etc – so these logues will be helpful for you! This will be my first “travelogue” for my site - and since the main flow of my blog posts are of my wedding clients,  I want to explain a few changes I’ll be implementing + why! –


When I started my first blog “photos | words”, I would blog pretty regularly on my daily life + lifestyle related things . Documenting fun series of my friend’s homes, throwing dinner parties just so I could decorate + photograph it, etc. But as my business grew, the hustle + drive to make it as a photographer was time consuming . My passion was to shoot as much as possible + keep shooting, growing, developing my style + my brand, so my habits for lifestyle blogging really took the back-burner . But! this will be my 5th year of owning my photography business (woah, what??) and I’m really excited to be adding new elements to it .

Several of them involve me stepping into a teacher role with our Thrive Modern photography workshop, speaking at Alpine NW Workshop and at California Dreamin', and leading my own mentor sessions. I’m really humbled to be entering into such a role, but it seems like the natural next step with where I’m at in my career and I’m really pumped about it ! 

Another element I’m going to be brining to my brand, and what this blog post entails, is (re-) introducing lifestyle-type blog posts ! <3 I’ve blogged before about how I love to partner with businesses + post content that I think you guys would relate to and love – businesses that I already shop at and items I would buy myself, because I’m not about to share anything that I haven’t tried or don’t already love myself .

I’ve also explained before in this (lengthy + emotional) blog post how I’m a woman of many passions and likes . I crave variety – in everything . I’m not sure if its because I get bored easily or that I’m truly just so curious + fascinated about so many things –- photography, business + entrepreneurship, fitness + health, fashion, interior design, architecture, hair + makeup, florals, mentoring + life coaching, graphic design, coding (lol in my dreams), pottery, magazine design -- the list goes on . and not just that I find these things interesting, but that I truly value them in my life in some way and I’d really love to learn each of them at some point in life .

All that to say, I’m going to be blogging more than just my darling wildly in love couples . My couples will remain my top priority + my main focus . But I’m thrilled to open the door to something new . "A creative life is an amplified life" - Big Magic . - and I'm excited to stretch my creativity + branch into another outlet . I'm excited to do it here with you guys + really would love your feedback on what you're in to and answer any questions you have ! 

So that’s the heart + reason behind these ‘travelogue’s’ + the future posts I plan to write on travel tips, home décor + renovations (we just bought our first home last month + are finally moved in!), fashion, and fitness related stuff!


So first, Switzerland . Sweet, majestic, other worldy Switzerland .<3

Our main purpose for traveling there was to shoot our sweet friend’s elopement in a small town located in the valley of the swiss alps . More on that wedding later! (can’t friggin wait to share).

We landed in Zurich + took the train to Lucerne . Being our first day in Europe, we were really jet-lagged but knew we needed to stay awake as long as possible . So Josh + I checked into our hotel, walked along the river that runs through Lucerne, and ate some insanely good curry . I’m not sure what it was about Lucerne, but it was one of my favorite spots we visited . We had really good weather and it just had so much history + character . The streets were old + quiet and everyone moved at a slower pace . 

We ended up taking a little snooze around 1pm, setting our alarm for 1 hour just because we were so tired – well .. woke up at 7pm. hahah a nice snooze for sure. We went and had pizza and wine around 9pm in true euro fashion, and it all seemed like the warmest welcome to our trip.

We hopped on the Golden Pass train the next morning for our trip to Lauterbrunnen. This train had the most epic views I’ve ever seen. It went through the Swiss Alps, passing small towns and lakes and valleys . We were mesmerized .

Once we arrived, we made our way up to Wengen, a tiny town that sits on the side of a very steep alp, about 10 minutes up from Lauterbrunnen . It wasn’t tourist season so many places were closed . But once we had groceries, I really didn’t mind how secluded we were . I could’ve stayed couped up at this AirBnB for weeks, easily . The AirBnB was insane & had the most breathtaking views . Waking up there each morning was really like a worship song, because who could deny there’s a Creator with such a view .

We spent the next few days with our wedding people, hanging with their family, scouting for photo spots, and relaxing with our videographer friends of Ethnos Creative .

So this is our Switzerland trip! It was about a 5 day trip before we headed to Venice, Italy – but I’ll save that for my next post .

I’ve linked some of the things I packed below, if you’re interested! I know several of you asked me on instagram where some things were from, so hope this helps!

Cheers + thanks for following along <3

+ The most durable suitcase (& charges your devices!) - here
+ The comfiest of travel + workout clothes (15% off with code 'MELM15') - here
+ The most comfortable black dress (fun tip : it's sleepwear) - here
+ Cute shoes to match - here
+ My favorite wool coat - here

Hope that helps! The jewelry I wear everyday + some other similar items can be found shopping the links below. Let me know what you think, friends! 

Surprise Proposal in the Salt Plains


I met Rich + Kaylyn at this wedding late last year . I fell in love with them pretty instantly -- I can't even remember why . We just clicked and ended up hanging out after the wedding too, dancing the night away . At some point during that evening, Rich pulled me aside to look at my engagement ring explaining that he was in the  market for one . Of course I was squealing with excitement -- I just love proposals + surprises + the love/thought that goes into them . & Rich was no exception . I knew he was going to have it all planned out in the most perfect way -- but months later when April called to tell me Rich was going to be popping the question soon -- I had no idea at just how freaking amazing it was going to be . 

With April's help of throwing Kaylyn off, her and Rich colluded up a plan to be able to video + photograph the whole thing . They decided to trick Kaylyn into thinking we're shooting an edgy, modern, interracial styled shoot and wanted them to be our models . Of course she was down! We decided on the Salt Plains & requested Rich + Kaylyn to dress the part in all black . April ordered black + white smoke bombs to add to the edgy styled shoot -- which turned out to be such a fun addition to a sweet proposal! 

April said "I told Kaylyn I wanted to do an experimental video portrait / love confession piece… I had to get creative in order to have Rich and Kaylyn microphoned, so I told them I wanted there to be a narrative of vow-like confessions of love." 

Once it was time, we had Kaylyn go first with her 'confession of love' -- which blew us all away honestly -- she hadn't planned ahead or written anything down, she just spoke to Rich her thoughts, feelings, and adorations for him . She had us all crying, knowing that she was about to feel even more loved with Rich's words + proposal . 

So happy + excited for these two . & so thrilled to be shooting their elopement in England later this summer . Check out the commercial-like editorial video by April of Ethnos Creative below & be sure to check out our feature over on Green Wedding Shoes


+ photography: Melissa Marshall 
+ planning + video: April Kirby
+ makeup artist: Chelsey Ann Artistry
+ hair stylist: Ali Earnheart 
+ Kaylyn's dress: BCBG from Dillards  



we’ve loved these two for years – josh + logan have been best friends + roommates – so of course that made it even more special when I got to document logan + kinsey’s day, with my babe at logan’s side.

we shot logan + kinsey’s engagements on the coast of Oregon last year – you can find it here!

these two are so fun and perfect for one another . I’ve had the opportunity of watching their relationship grow from the start – and its always seemed to be one that exuberates understanding, respect,  endearing friendship, and vulnerability. mature and grounded. loving and known.

logan + kinsey, we love you + want to celebrate your day over and over again! 

& watch their wedding video below! -- by Ethnos Creative