7 Eleven Anniversary Shoot | Jordan + Madison


Melissa_ Marshall_ 7-Eleven_ Anniversary_ Session_99

what better way to celebrate an extravagant love than with a simple summer night date to the local gas station . an oxymoron at its finest . a representation of young marriage - tight budget, and all about the fun . making out in the aisle, throwing sour straws at each other, just being young, wild, care-free and so madly, wildly in love .


Madison + Jordan, i’d document your love forever .

Oklahoma City Laundry Mat Engagement Session | Anson + Lo

we were fearless . carefree . we didn’t care the outcome, really . we just wanted to create something . & use their love + engagement as the foundation .

being creatives themselves, they wanted something fresh + quirky . new, and maybe weird . so we did just that . 

played with the light in new ways, played on a tennis court & in a laundry mat  (both firsts for me), and got creative with new ways to frame + edit the shots . 

just really thankful for couples who trust me to create with them . & really thankful this duo is truly as cool as they seem . so down to earth, hillarious, and oh so in love . 

really love you Lo + Anson!

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