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sweet + playful cabin lovers | Tyler + Josie-Lynn

these two are passionate people + it shows . i can tell the depths of their love just by photographing them interacting, laughing, and kissing one another . I can tell they’ve had their disagreements and worked through them . I can tell they’ve fought for it and came out on top . i can tell they’ve weighed their options — over and over again, chose each other . because the passion is palpable + seemingly effortless . and that doesn’t come without it’s fair share of passionate heights + depths . to know one another - and always choose “yes” to/for them.

tyler + josie-lynn - your love inspires .


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Wichita Mountain Engagement

Wichita Mountain Engagement

Z + Jeromy . These two are amazing to photograph & so much fun to hang out with . Their connection + the love they share is so evident in the way she looks at him and the way he holds her .

We ran around the Wichita Mountains champagne in hand, as Z dumbfounded us in the way she can frolic in heels . But nothing was as great as how much Jeromy could make her laugh . I appreciate a relationship that has endless laughter – it’s always a good sign of a great life ahead .

Coffee, mountains, and a bonfire . What else could you want .

Scotland Elopement

Scotland Elopement

the days leading up to their wedding day, we spent our time filled with jet-lagged delirious laughter, wine-filled nights by the fire, playing ridiculous games (where we got to know each other all too well), eating every meal together, and driving on narrow winding roads throughout the countryside . when we woke up that Saturday morning on their anniversary, we came downstairs to Jac + Chelsea making breakfast together, as they always do, but this time with grand anticipation . the rain was heavy outside, but it made no difference . joy was overflowing .