Iceland Elopement



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the moments that are uncapturable are the ones on your first date, or your first kiss, or when you meet each other’s families for the first time, the long talks on your driveway before saying goodbye at the end of the night, the disagreements + growing pains, the inside jokes, or the good morning texts . those moments are unforgettable memories between the two of you alone .

your wedding day will be no different . it will be a sweet memory . except that there’s time to plan the moment in time – time to ask someone to be there to capture it all, so it won’t just have an incredible story, but will have tangible memories to go with it . photos to look at for a lifetime . photos that will relinquish joy & soothe heartache when hard times come .

it’s not always an easy decision . there are so many questions to think about .
where? when? who do you want there? what do you want it to look like? feel like? how do you want to remember the day you vow your whole lives + beings to each other? 

but once the decision is made – once you’ve decided to elope – and all the weight + pressure of organizing a mega event surrounding your vows is gone, and you’re able to see it clear as day what you want and how you want it – & then you decide to have someone else there to capture it all – who will it be?  

hannah + grant asked me to be the one to document their elopement in iceland and let me tell you, I was beyond thrilled . excited to be shooting a kind + beautiful couple in Iceland, but really just so honored to be the person there to witness + capture such a sweet moment in time . 

& to hear their story – that hannah had a crush on grant (her older brother’s best friend) since she was a kid, to then marrying him now – it made it all the more special .

so on august 14th, a day special to grant & his family, standing on the coast of a small town in Iceland, josh & I witnessed + captured the commitment of love between these two . and not just love, but endless, relentless amounts of joy . 

in the days following, we’d travel around the golden circle with them, shooting them at some of the most dreamiest locations – an epic waterfall, an abandoned Navy plane that had crashed in the 70’s (everyone survived), an isolated + iconic black church on a lava field peninsula, and a natural hot spring in the icelandic highlands .

this was definitely a highlight of 2017 .
enjoy .