San Francisco Engagements


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these two know how to have fun . and their relationship is something built from a devoted friendship . they know eachother backwards + forwards, loving eachother for who they are, no strings attached . this isn’t something we talked about really, its just something I witnessed + admired about them during the two days spent with them in San Fransisco . they flew me out to SF to capture them in a city they both love + adore, and we all stayed together in a quite unique airbnb .

we spent our time together mostly eating + drinking, with some adventures and photos throughout . champagne + oysters along the bay, a tour at a local brewery, thai takeout, Chinatown strolling, more champagne (& some unwarranted swimming) along black sands beach, and ended the night at Muir Woods, followed by letting loose at a chic, retro bar .

this was such a fun trip, and I love making these types of bonds with my couples . where we can just be ourselves + be weird +  have fun + capture the passion/fun between them simply because they’re being their truest selves .

james + amanda, you guys are the best . can’t wait for your wedding this year and more good times to come <3

Iceland Elopement

Iceland Elopement

the moments that are uncapturable are the ones on your first date, or your first kiss, or when you meet each other’s families for the first time, the long talks on your driveway before saying goodbye at the end of the night, the disagreements + growing pains, the inside jokes, or the good morning texts . those moments are unforgettable memories between the two of you alone .

Wichita Mountain Engagement

Wichita Mountain Engagement

Z + Jeromy . These two are amazing to photograph & so much fun to hang out with . Their connection + the love they share is so evident in the way she looks at him and the way he holds her .

We ran around the Wichita Mountains champagne in hand, as Z dumbfounded us in the way she can frolic in heels . But nothing was as great as how much Jeromy could make her laugh . I appreciate a relationship that has endless laughter – it’s always a good sign of a great life ahead .

Coffee, mountains, and a bonfire . What else could you want .