logan + kinsey | oklahoma wedding


we’ve loved these two for years – josh + logan have been best friends + roommates – so of course that made it even more special when I got to document logan + kinsey’s day, with my babe at logan’s side.

we shot logan + kinsey’s engagements on the coast of Oregon last year – you can find it here!

these two are so fun and perfect for one another . I’ve had the opportunity of watching their relationship grow from the start – and its always seemed to be one that exuberates understanding, respect,  endearing friendship, and vulnerability. mature and grounded. loving and known.

logan + kinsey, we love you + want to celebrate your day over and over again! 

& watch their wedding video below! -- by Ethnos Creative

Logan + Kinsey


I had the opportunity to shoot our good friends Logan & Kinsey's engagement photos last year and we had a blast doing so . I've revamped the photos, so thought I'd post again!

We took them to the coast for epic photos on a foggy Cannon Beach, timing the tide right so we could run around mini peninsula's, only to lose track of time and miss our chance to go back the way we came before the tide was too high and getting swallowed by the sea . We were all practically swimming and wading through freezing water once we made our way back which made for such a fun & memorable experience . 

Trekking around Portland and taking in sweet views, we just had fun adventuring and talking future wedding plans for the two of them .

An now, fast forward several months, I got to photograph their wedding (which will be my next blog post!) To see all the plans they had talked and dreamt about come to life so perfectly, it was a magical night for everyone who went . 

Love you two <3

Taylor | Senior Photos in OKC

Taylor | Oklahoma City Senior

I’ve known Taylor since she was in her awkward middle school adolescence. Her sister and I are best friends + it’s been crazy to see how Taylor’s grown into such a beautiful woman. I got to shoot her senior photos and I’m just blown away by her comfort + ease in front of the camera. I’m proud of you for staying true to who you are, Taylor and persevering through school + being so kind + patient through it all.  You deserve the world + I’m so excited to see where God takes you!

Cheers to you babe xx