Best friends for years . Like literally put each other in the friend zone on more than one occasion, getting coffee together and telling stories about their current bf/gf situations, asking relationship advice from each other and always ending with bro-hugs – to now >> husband + wife . it’s funny to think about, but it’s also just a beautiful + amazing foundation for a relationship to form . Their friendship + bond is obvious, and now the love + passion + chemistry so evident, I loved shooting them together .

Their wedding was out of this world fun . Neither of them, nor any of their guests were from Portland, but that’s where they decided to get married & it just worked out that I live in Portland! We’ve known Josh for years now + we were so stoked to get to document the best day of his life, marrying his beautiful + perfect girl .

R.I.P to the dance floor, thanks to J + J + their crazy-amazing dance-loving friends + relatives who had to be forced to leave the dance floor at the end of the night .

I loved being a part of this wedding, and getting to be a part of something so good + true .

Thanks, you babes . Love you .