West Elm Home Feature

When Josh + I moved to Portland back in January, we jumped quickly into making our house feel like home . In a new city where we knew no one, it was important to use that we felt at ease + happy in our new home . And since we both work from home, we wanted to create a space that was inspiring, functional, comfortable, + creative . We made the space inspiring by adding variety in our textures and materials, but still keeping a minimalistic design . We're suckers for Scandinavian design!
With Josh being a woodworker, our home started to overflow with his furniture pieces . The coffee table, side table, + adjustable shelf peg wall (inspired from the Pruitt's) were all made by him over the past year . You can find his work + order custom pieces here! He's so talented <3

We were thrilled to have our home featured over on West Elm's blog . Feel free to check it out + see which West Elm pieces we bought for our home! That Retro Wing Chair is my baby . It hugs me perfectly .

I love using Pinterest to find inspiration, especially on home decor + design! Check mine out here! Where do you draw your home inspiration from?